Saltalk – A Taste of Home

Our Story

Back in 2013, Mr. and Mrs. Ming moved to the Silicon Valley for a year. One day they were dining with their friends at a local Chinese restaurant, and after a dish of stir-fried pork reached the table Mrs. Ming started weeping. This dish reminded her a lot of her home meal. She was homesick. The love Mr. Ming had for his family and his wife gave him an idea. To cure his wife’s homesickness, he wanted to build a kitchen that encourages excellent chefs, bakers and cooking enthusiasts, from everywhere in the world, to come and cook their most authentic meals for people away from their hometown. Then one night, Mr. Ming came up with the name Saltalk in his dream. He sprang up and wrote it down on his phone. Salt is essential for lives. It’s one of the basic human tastes and the most ubiquitous food seasoning. Food has brought us together. We enjoy sharing delightful food with our friends and family. One bite, one delight and one story at a time.